I would like this for X-mas! Mime et moi a NEW generation of high heel shoes.

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    As a full time mom of two little princes, I have barely time sometimes for myself but that doesn’t mean I wouldn’t like to dress up and look great, but it is really difficult to find the perfect combination between confort and beauty at the same time, I know! not an easy thing.

    I am always in the run, going to one place to another, so not time enough to go back home an change cloths or shoes and with 2 kids it is imposible carry two pairs of shoes all the time every where we go, also lugging extra weight beside my kids things (toys, diapers, snack, bottles, milk, etc.) it is impossible!

    I remember my times as a working woman, mostly when I was living in Barcelona since I did not have a car, I need to bring my flats in my hangbag since It was really convenient when you need to walk to take public transport or the train and after a long day at work. But As I said I had the time and the space in my handbag. Im my current situation I go everywhere  the pram or the carrier with the baby and running behind and active toddler over the street.  But that doesn’t mean I want to wear snickers all the time.

    Would just be wonderful if someone invented a pair of shoes that could magically transform from both heels to flats in just a few minutes.

    Last weeks during feeding my babe girl  I got an email from Kickstarter newsletter  updating with new projects and where I show this brilliant idea from Mime Et Moi.  They were showcasing this innovative and functional height adjustment hight heels, they designed a range of shoes with five different detachable heel fitting according to the mood. Mime Et Moi a genius new shoe retailer from Germany literally is changing the high heel game, One shoe – Five heels! Mime et moi shoes are the perfect companion for the whole day. “low in the morning and high for the night”. The heels can be varied in terms of height, shape and colour and ca fit easily into your handbag. Depending on how you feel. you can change the look, confort and style accordingly. You just pick the shoe and then bundle your heels of choice in your handbag to switch up your look as the day goes on. Just like that!

    During my years living in Berlin, I become a fan of  the “Deutsche Qualität garantiert” but this goes beyond the borders, how creative idea “Height-convertibles high-heels”!!!

    Definitely something that i would like to have, probably I could ask a pair to Father Christmas! 😉



    “Our love of high and low. Taking the ordinary and making it extraordinary”




    New Special Edition “Mime Street style”

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